know your value

So many times we are depending on others to value us but the truth is, we have to know our value before we expect someone to value us.

The right person will value you the right way. If you are not valued, don’t get mad, it means you are with the wrong person or in the wrong relationship. The person who knows your value is the one who will appreciate you.

The choice is yours to know your true value.


Have you ever heard someone saying that some sins are small, while others are large? Well sin is sin whether lying, cheating, manipulating, anger, judging or talking about another, pornography, rape, stealing and the list goes on.

The only redemption for our sin is through Jesus Christ our Savior. For His blood was shed for us even though he had no sins.


Marriage is love, passion and romance but most of all is friendship and commitment.  We live to build each other up, not tear each other down.  It is me encouraging you and you encouraging me.  It is me been there for you when you needed it the most.  It is me been patient when you are impatient and me been a peacemaker when arguments arises.  It is you providing security for me when I am feeling insecure.

Marriage is compromising even when you are right and he is wrong.  It is communication and socialization with each other.  It is sharing and caring, not keeping hidden secrets, neither telling lies.  It’s not you blaming me and me blaming you.  Its not finding excuses when you know that you are wrong, but to say sorry and please forgive me.  It’s me showing you respect and you giving me back some.  Marriage is togetherness and not division.

Natasha Bailey

Church as usual

I don’t want church as usual,
I don’t want to feel goosebumps on Sunday’s only. I want the Holy Spirit to lead and guide me everyday.
I don’t want to speak in tongues without knowing its interpretation.
I don’t want to speak right only on Sundays and speak evil on Monday.
I want Church to be a place of healing and deliverance, Not a place of slander and gossiping.
Church is not about pleasing the pastor but God. It’s not about wearing fancy clothes, neither big hats. It’s a place to make your heart right before God.
Giving him praise in total adoration.
I want to be righteous everyday tapping into the presence of God.
I want to love everyone even when they treat me wrong.
I want to forgive quickly without holding on to grudges.
I want to bear other’s burden no matter who they are and love them with a genuine heart.

Natasha Bailey

Years Wasted

Why we spend so many wasted years with someone we claim we love and never be married? Too often we sit down with a partner who doesn’t know our true value; and it’s sad to say if we really know our value, we would not be settling when we deserve nothing but the best. We are merely caught up in pretty looks, great sexual satisfaction and comfort but we overlook that life has a lot more to offer.

The question is, if you are good enough to be a sex partner why not commit in marriage?

Today know your true worth and don’t settle when you deserve nothing but the best.


Words are powerful, it can harm and even break you.  Words can end a relationship and even attack a person’s character.  Words can bring peace if chosen correctly and it can affect someone immensely.  Words can be attached to our heart, negative words can affect those who are close to us.  Words are what you speak and even think; it can change your future and edifies you.  Words can become things if we speak what we need into existence.

Therefore speak words of blessing and not cursing.  Speak words of love and not hate, words of overflow and not poverty.  Words are spirits and they can live in your heart.  Words when spoken can be echoed.  Life and death are in the words we speak over our-self.  Words can bring people together or even separate good friends.

So today, change your world by changing the words you speak and remember to only speak good words.

Don’t worry

Don’t worry about the things that people may think or say about you.
If you were not a divine gift from God
They wouldn’t make you a priority or a subject of importance.
So focus on you, don’t be distracted in this season.
Look up amidst your circumstances and challenges.
Put God first in everything and he will perfect the rest for you.

Natasha Bailey

I Will Fight

I will fight until I die

I will stand and try

I will fight until my life gets better and my better gets greater.

I will fight until my children are happy and achieved their goals.

I will fight until my enemies become my footstool and are no more.

I will fight to see my mama at peace and living life to the fullest.

I will fight until poverty is turned into wealth. I will fight on my knees and not with swords; lifting up my holy hands as I travail in his presence.

Natasha Bailey